New Online Tool Revolutionizes ABA Hours Fieldwork Tracking

The team behind heard from countless ABA therapists how difficult and labor-intensive it was to track their ABA fieldwork hours. So they created a free, online platform to fill the need. Ripley’s free online ABA tracker contains a user-friendly and intuitive interface, has safeguards to prevent mistakes, displays supervision hours by type and category, and auto-generates the monthly verification form required by the BACB.

Even the creators of were surprised by its popularity. Within weeks of its launch, it exceeded 1,300 registrations and over 15,000 ABA supervision entries.

“Before starting this project, I had no idea just how complex and frustrating ABA fieldwork tracking could be,” said Brandon Holland, the lead programmer on the project. “We decided to create something simple and free, and it has really exploded in popularity,” he added.

Without any paid marketing, Ripley continues to spread and attract subscribers who learn about the tool via their colleagues. “The tool is so easy to use, I wish it existed when I was tracking my hours”, said Jesse W., a BCBA who viewed a demo of Ripley’s platform. “I love how the website ensures you are in compliance with the BACB’s requirements.”

Ripley even pioneered a way for users who are switching from one method of ABA hours tracking to the Ripley tracker platform to quickly and seamlessly move their hours to the new system. The site also features several explainer videos that walk through each simple step.

“We are starting to get interest from programs that offer graduate ABA programs as a way for them to support their students”, says Chase Norweiss, one of the project managers at Ripley.

Many schools do not offer an ABA fieldwork tracking tool to their students and the programs that do offer something are paying for it. Universities are quickly discovering that they can form a partnership with Ripley and support their students with a superior product without having to pay for the service.

ABA therapists can claim their free account in a matter of seconds and start entering hours immediately.

Large ABA companies and universities, such as Ball State University, Arizona State University, Pepperdine University, Florida Institute of Technology, and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, who wish to offer this free hours tracker to their students or team members can contact