Getting Started
  1. Download, review, and submit the BACB Pre-Experience Checklist.
  2. Read and review the BCBA 2022 Eligibility Requirements.
  3. Read and review the BCBA Task List.
  4. Review Eligibility Requirements, Definitions, FAQs, and Forms below.
  5. If you have previously accrued fieldwork hours and would like to transfer hours from a different tracking system, use the Bulk Hours form to submit previously completed hours. This will allow you to view your progress towards hour completion.
  6. You are ready to start logging your next period. Have fun!
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Eligibility Requirements
Supervised FieldworkConcentrated Supervised Fieldwork
Fieldwork hours required to qualify2,0001,500
Supervisory Period1 calendar month
Fieldwork hours per supervisory periodmin of 20 hours–max of 130 hours
Number of contacts with supervisor per supervisory period4 contacts6 contacts
Observations with client per supervisory period1 observation1 observation
Supervision per supervisory period5% of hours10% of hours
Individual supervision hours per supervisory periodAt least 50% of supervised hours must be individual (i.e., group supervision may not exceed 50%).
Unrestricted activitiesAt least 60% of overall supervised fieldwork must be spent engaged in unrestricted activities

Setting: Name of the organization at which you are accruing hours.

Supervisor: Supervisor overseeing the particular activity/hours you are entering. This may be your Responsible Supervisor or another supervisor if you are accruing hours under multiple supervisors.

Responsible Supervisor: Supervisor who signed your Fieldwork Verification Form on behalf of an organization where multiple supervisors are providing supervision for one trainee accruing fieldwork hours.

Fieldwork Type: There are two supervised fieldwork types: Supervised Fieldwork and Concentrated Supervised Fieldwork. Concentrated Supervised Fieldwork provides a pathway for individuals to complete their fieldwork in fewer hours and with more supervision than Supervised Fieldwork. Hours accrued as Concentrated Supervised Fieldwork accrue at approximately 1.33 times the value of Supervised Fieldwork hours.

Restricted Hours: The delivery of therapeutic or instructional procedures to a client for those accruing experience hours. Note: Not all time spent working with a client is considered restricted. For example, a number of unrestricted activities may involve the trainee working directly with a client.

Unrestricted Hours: Activities under the experience requirements that are most likely to be performed by a BCBA or BCaBA, including conducting assessments, staff training, and developing behavior plans, among other activities.

Group Unrestricted Hours: An interactive supervision meeting that includes no fewer than 2 and no more than 10 trainees. The number of trainees in a group meeting may not exceed 10 at any time, regardless of the number of supervisors in the meeting.

Non-Observational Contacts: A real-time interaction between the supervisor and trainee that takes place in an individual or group format without the presence of a client.

Observation with Client Contacts: The trainee must be observed working with a client in the natural environment during each supervisory period by at least one supervisor. In-person, on-site observation is preferred. However, the observation may be conducted using asynchronous (e.g., recorded video) or synchronous (e.g., live video conference) formats.

Description of Activity: Summarize the activity in two to three sentences. The description may including information regarding the location (e.g., clinic, in-home, telehealth, school), who was present, topics discussed, feedback provided, and/or progress towards goals.