Ripley Fieldwork Tracker delights ABA companies as it announces free ABA job board

“We have thousands of users who are in transitional phases of their careers where they are looking for new opportunities,” says Quinn, one of the Ripley founders. “We also know that a lot of ABA companies are having a hard time finding the right candidates and that the existing options out there, such as Indeed and LinkedIn, just aren’t meeting their needs” Quinn adds.

So the Ripley team got to work on creating their very own job board to match ABA companies with BTs, RBTs, BCBAs, and any other ABA-related candidates they are seeking.

John, a Virginia-based BCBA and practice owner, is acutely aware of hiring difficulties in the rapidly growing field. “We have been playing catch-up for several years now. We cannot hire fast enough. Families are waiting for services and we cannot provide them until we can hire the BCBAs and ABA therapists we need to serve them,” says John.

The practice owner finds current job sites lacking. “If you look at the various options, they are inefficient and poorly targeted. Most companies use a patchwork of services such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or Careerbuilder. These sites are either expensive, untargeted, or they simply don’t attract any relevant candidates.”

Ripley Fieldwork Tracker is changing the game as it addresses the issues that most ABA companies have with the current landscape. First, and most importantly, Ripley’s user base is a perfect match. The tool is used exclusively by ABA therapists and BCBAs.

Secondly, ABA therapists who are accruing hours toward the BCBA exam are the most coveted folks to hire. And the fact that Ripley job boards are free, makes it even more appealing, according to John. “Many ABA companies, such as mine, spend thousands of dollars each month for job ads that produce anemic results.”

The Ripley job board, set to launch in late 2022, will contain job opportunities for ABA therapists, BCBAs, and other ABA-related positions, such as billing and administration. It will allow users to search by area, position, company, and more.

Companies will also be able to clone ads and post them to various cities in which they operate a branch. Custom company pages will also allow organizations to showcase what they offer and give potential candidates a feel for their culture, and specialty areas.

“Our fieldwork tracking tool was so popular that we immediately started thinking how else we could support the field. The next, most obvious and needed area, is an ABA-specific job marketplace,” says Quinn. “When we do something, we want to do it right, so we are obsessing over how our job board will delight and wow our users, just as much as our fieldwork hours tracker has. It is a tall order, and something we are thinking about and working on around the clock.”