Ripley Fieldwork Tracker blows past 16,000 users, approaches one million entries, and prepares to launch version 3.0

When Ripley Fieldwork Tracker was first launched in the summer of 2021, the creators never dreamed it would grow so quickly and become the premier tool for ABA therapists who are accruing their ABA hours or the BCBAs who supervise them.

In just over a year, Ripley has reached a user base of over 16,000 with dozens of ABA therapists and BCBAs joining the platform daily. Ripley Fieldwork Tracker has also been discovered by several innovative ABA companies and ABA graduate programs that now require their employees and students to use the tool.

Ripley 3.0 is shooting for a release date before the end of 2022. Quinn, who is one of the founders, would love to see its release as soon as possible. “The most important thing is to get it right,” says Quinn.

Among other things, Ripley users can expect expanded functionality, additional dynamic charts, automatic notifications, a calendar view, storage space for verification forms, and much more. "And users will also be excited to learn that we are currently working on creating a mobile application for our users," Quinn adds.

“We have a very loyal and enthusiastic user base and we want to serve them. We receive many unsolicited emails saying that using Ripley has been life-changing and that it is the biggest ABA innovation in years. We are flattered by the feedback, which drives us to produce something even better.”

Ripley’s Fieldwork Tracker seems to be more than just a tool, according to many of its users. “It feels like we are all part of the Ripley family. We are connected through accruing hours to sit for the BCBA exam. I know when I am on the website that other ABA therapists from all over the country are using Ripley as well,” one user commented.

The creators of Ripley have been surprised by its success and continue to think of ways that it can serve the field of behavior analysis. Off the record, a Ripley team member shared they are working on a free job board for ABA and BCBA positions. “I cannot give any more details than that”, said the team member.

“Right now, our focus is Ripley 3.0, and improving a tracker that continues to amaze our users - we do this by helping users make one good ABA hour entry at a time.”